An authentic site for some extraordinary moments!


A shuttle service has been set up to take visitors to the Méouge gorges, running regularly from 14 July to 15 August. This allows visitors to enjoy the area in a sensible, nature-friendly way. There is a departure point less than 200 m from the campsite, so there's no need to take your car.
The entrance to the gorges is 1200 m from the campsite, so they are easily accessible on foot or by bike... For those who still want to take their car, 2 private car parks are reserved for campers: the 1st at the Pont de St Pierre-Avez, the 2nd opposite the Rocher de l'Aigle. Signs will direct you to them.
Outside this summer period, parking is free throughout the gorges de la Méouge.

A few points of interest not to be missed

The Roman bridge over the Méouge

The Romanesque bridge over the Méouge is a masterpiece of ancient architecture, a timeless passageway crossing the raging waters of the Méouge. With its sturdiness emanating from thousand-year-old stones, this bridge evokes tales of a distant past and the echoes of the footsteps of those who have crossed it over the centuries. Its perfectly preserved semi-circular arches are reflected in the clear water, offering a picturesque image that enchants visitors in search of tranquillity and history. The Pont Roman is not only a crossing point, but also a harmonious meeting place between man and nature, an invitation to contemplate and relax in the heart of a breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

Waterfalls and natural basins

The waterfalls and natural pools of the Méouge are a living tableau, where the pure water of the river carves the rock into a fascinating spectacle. Each waterfall, with its crystalline waves, creates a symphony of sight and sound, inviting you to marvel and relax. The basins, formed over time, offer natural pools of impeccable clarity, perfect for a refreshing swim in an idyllic setting. These jewels of nature, framed by lush vegetation, are a veritable hymn to the wild, unspoilt beauty of the Méouge, promising moments of relaxation and communion with the environment.

Hiking trails

The Gorges de la Méouge offer a variety of hiking routes, each promising a unique and rewarding experience:

- Le sentier des crêtes: for hikers seeking breathtaking panoramas, this route overlooks the gorges and offers breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and surrounding valley. This is a moderately difficult hike, ideal for experienced walkers.

- The Roman bridge loop: a family-friendly route that meanders along the river, passes by the famous Roman bridge and returns via the ridges. This walk lasts around two hours and is suitable for all abilities.

- Le tour de Peysson: starting from the Pont de St Pierre-Avez (private car park at the campsite), a path on the left bank of the Méouge gives you a panoramic view of the entire gorge. Return through the Méouge national forest. This hike lasts around 2 hours and will delight young and old alike!

- La voie des aigles: for experienced hikers, this more demanding route leads to the highest peaks in the gorges, where eagles and other birds of prey can be seen in flight.

You'll find a map of the trails and all the information you need from Bruno, who knows his territory inside out and is keen to help you discover it!

Climbing sites

The Gorges de la Méouge are a popular destination for rock-climbing enthusiasts, offering a variety of sites to satisfy both novice and expert climbers.

- The Beaume Rousse cliff: Situated at the entrance to the Gorges de la Méouge, this cliff is renowned for its routes of all levels, with quality rock and uninterrupted views over the valley. There's something for everyone, from beginners to experienced climbers.

- The Pierre Grosse cliffs: Perched above the Méouge, this south-east-facing site offers a wide variety of climbing (38 equipped routes with grades ranging from 4c to 7c).

As well as those in the gorges, there are 3 other sites nearby: Barret sur Méouge, Eourres and Ribiers. You'll find all the information you need at the campsite, including the "Grimper dans le Val Méouge" guide.

Also nearby (30 mins), the international site of Orpierre.